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Production Tour

production tour

Our production tour

1. Raw Material /Steel Selection:
Our steel originates from Germany, a country known worldwide for its advanced steel manufacturing and quality. This is an integral factor in the high quality of our products.
2. Forging & Inspection
In the forging process, our skilled craftsman give life to the metal and give it the rudimentary shape that will go through series of complicated process.

After the stage of forging, every forged tool comes for checking to ensure no piece contains any cracks or is reshaped beyond the acceptable limits. There are further steps for checking the quality of raw instruments.

  1. Shape Fault
  2. Broken
3. Machining & Milling
In this process forging is cut or shaped by machine as per the requirements. The instruments take their specific shape through grinding and hammers. At Darleys we use the highest standard milling technology which involves the cutting of pieces of metal to create dovetails, threads, bevels, slots, and ridges.
4. Inspection
all instruments are inspected not only for machining and milling, but for every process they have been go through for inspection. At this stage only best instruments are selected and instruments with little holes and manufacturing faults are again sorted out
6. Heat Treatment
 At this stage, each instrument goes through heat treatment which determines a considerable extent to the operating characteristics of the instruments. Heat treatment after grinding or sharpening is used to release stress produced by grinding to prevent the development of grinding cracks and stabilize the structure
7. Polishing
Till this point at manufacturing stage, all the necessary shaping is done. Polishing makes every millimeter of instruments clear. Any hidden defects present are revealed and thus sorted.
8. Etching

 We use permanent and life time high quality laser etching which produces a wide variety of text and graphic images- including our customer’s logo, with very detailed and fine quality image.

9. Ultrasonic Cleaning
It is recognized risk to surgical instruments of exposure to unidentified microorganisms during the manufacturing process. To minimize the amount and degree of this risk and provide surgical instruments that are clean: safe to handle, safe for patient care are cleaned using the ultrasonic cleaning plants.
10. Final Finish
At this stage, the instrument is given final finish which includes: mirror, satin or matt finish. The finish is as per the customers’ requirement.
11. Quality Control
 Our quality controlled department is highly active and involved in all the stages of the manufacturing process, but before the instrument goes to the packaging department the quality and function is thoroughly checked by our highly-qualified checking personals.
12. Labelling & Packaging
 Each instrument is initially packed in poly bags and then packed in a primary box. The box is labelled which includes the article number, types size and manufacturing date.
13. Shipping

 Finally, the packaged instruments are shipped to the customer’s given address.